Welcome!  Do come in!  Have a look around, hm?  Feel free to browse, but try not to carouse!  Ho ho!

I'm Firozah, a 27-year-old copywriter and creative person from New York. This is my personal website, hosted on Neocities and coded by me (with love) in support of the indie web revival. I'm forever nostalgic for the internet of my 00s childhood, full of personal blogs with hand-drawn layouts, digital goodies, and no ads in sight.

Some things you can do here: visit Resources for free-to-use web design assets and other fun links, see photos from my travels, or have a hamster tell your fortune. You can leave comments on any page using the form on the right, or drop me an email here.

Created with assets from Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005), Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012), and Animal Crossing sprites from here.

Feb. 8 Added Bluesky feed.
Feb. 4 Added tooltips with location info to my gallery.