You have reached my digital garden and curio cabinet. I'm Firozah (Fih-ROW-zuh), owner and designer of this site.

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📺 Blade of the Immortal
From 2019. Enjoyed it! Mind the content warnings.

📖 The Drowned World
🎧 Palehound

A new hobby

I started a diamond painting last Friday and managed to finish it by Monday. I've already bought my next one. I remember doing one when I was younger and losing interest. This time I'm totally engrossed. It's almost thrilling! Update: I got my next one in the mail and it's comically large. I'm afraid it'll look tacky if I display it. I'm disappointed in myself for underestimating the dimensions online 😩.

The garden is live

I just started a new job, so the last couple of weeks have been a (wonderful) whirlwind. But I'm finally happy enough with my new theme to start writing. Hydrangeas are in full bloom and I want to immortalize the feeling I get when I walk by a brilliant blue or purple cluster. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo to do just that (maybe on side/back of calf). It's swelteringly hot these days but by sunset there's a gentle breeze that's a delight to walk around in. My goal for the rest of the summer is more reading outside, more eating outside, and developing a nice, consistent cadence of going to the gym.

A fresh start

Introducing my shiny new layout. Please be patient while I surface all my content!