Credit: Busy Beaver Button Museum

One of the nice things about New York Hang in there, baby! I want to thank all the little people who Kiss My Ass Wild Women Don't Get the Blues The only type of dog worth having... rescued! Doobie or not doobie War is not healthy for children and other living things A hug a day keeps loneliness away!! If I seem weird think about how you seem to me Love is... a sunny feeling on a rainy day Franz Kafka is a kvetch Hang on, baby Friday's coming They Are NOT HOT FLASHES... They Are POWER SURGES Marcel Proust is a Yenta I'm Thumbody Special Cute Precious Adorable Wonderful All of the Above Have you hugged a clown today? Here I am It's Not PMS, I'M ALWAYS BITCHY I'm A PERSON Happiness is a WARM PUPPY Pokemon: The First Movie Catch'Em All on Video IS THIS ALL THERE IS? I'M TOO BUSY TO THINK I Love To Read! meat is dead ENJOY LIFE 'This is not a dress rehearsal' I'm brilliant but I have to do dumb & self-destructive things to relax Female Jewish Power Decriminalize Pussy I'd lather die than miss the soaps. YOU ARE MY LUCKY STAR Men Are Wonderful.. Not I don't drink. I don't dance. I hate astrology. I have no phone. I'd like to help you out, which way did you come in? THIS BUTTON IS PROOF OF HUMAN EXISTENCE