Book Reviews

March 2024

This month's Bookbug book is Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness. I read this for the first time around 2017. I consider it one of my favorite books. Here's a review I wrote on Goodreads in 2021:

"This remains my favorite book. I often tell people that I think we'd have no wars if more people read this book, and by that I mean, this book is emblematic of the idea that we can all understand each other, no matter how alien, if we really try. This is part adventure, part romance, and obviously sci-fi, but is accessible to people who normally shy away from alien stuff. There's folklore, gorgeous world-building, and a plot with twists and turns to keep you reading.

The first section, perhaps the first 100 pages, may at first seem jargon-y and tedious, and I think that's what tends to turn some people off when they begin reading this. If you have the patience to push through all the new terminology of the world Le Guin presents, you'll find yourself rewarded with a really beautiful tale. As with any sci-fi world-building, the best course of action is not to get hung up on individual terms and try to contextualize the new vocabulary as the story progresses."

I intend to write an updated review this month with my reflections. Stay tuned.